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New Ideas in Reinforcement Learning

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Today’s blog post is about Reinforcement Learning (RL), a concept that is very relevant to Artificial General Intelligence. The goal of RL is to create an agent that can learn to behave optimally in an environment by observing the consequences - rewards - of its own actions. By incorporating deep ...

Reading List

Reading list – August 2017

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1. Neuroscience-inspired Artificial Intelligence Authors: Demis Hassabis, Dharshan Kumaran, Christopher Summerfield, and Matthew Botvinick Type: Review article in Neuron Publication date: 19 July 2017 This paper outlined the contribution of neuroscience to the most recent advances in AI and ar ...


Introducing Yi-Ling

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Hello everyone! I am Yi-Ling and I am the newest member of the AGI project team. It is an incredibly exciting time to be dipping one’s toes in the field of Artificial Intelligence, given the impressive progress and explosion of AI applications in recent years. In my case, I am actually going to di ...