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Experiment Infrastructure at Project AGI

Posted by Abdelrahman Ahmed on
Experiment Infrastructure at Project AGI

Overview of the experiment infrastructure

It’s such a joy to be able to test an idea, go straight to the idea without wrestling with the tools. We recently developed an experimental setup which, so far, looks like it will do just that. I’m excited about it and hope it can help you too, so here it is. We’ll go through the why we created another framework, and how each module in the experiment setup works.


Understanding Equivariance

Posted by David Rawlinson on
Understanding Equivariance

Effect of univariate perturbation of hidden layer resulting from Predictive Capsules algorithm

We are exploring the nature of equivariance, a concept that is now closely associated with the capsules network architecture (see key papers Sabour et al, and Hinton et al). Machine learning representations that capture equivariance must learn the way that patterns in the input vary together, in a ...