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Sparse Unsupervised Capsules Generalize Better

Posted by David Rawlinson on
Sparse Unsupervised Capsules Generalize Better

Equivariances discovered by the Sparse Unsupervised Capsules algorithm variant

We've just uploaded a spin-off research paper to arXiv titled "Sparse Unsupervised Capsules Generalize Better". So what's it all about? Capsules Networks You may have heard of Capsules Networks already - if not, have a read of one of these blog articles (here, here, here, or here (EM routing)), ...


New Ideas in Reinforcement Learning

Posted by Yi-Ling Hwong on

Today’s blog post is about Reinforcement Learning (RL), a concept that is very relevant to Artificial General Intelligence. The goal of RL is to create an agent that can learn to behave optimally in an environment by observing the consequences - rewards - of its own actions. By incorporating deep ...