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Thalamocortical architecture

Posted by Gideon Kowadlo on

by Gideon Kowadlo and David RawlinsonIntroductionOne of the keys to understanding the neocortex as a whole, and the emergence of intelligence, is to understand how the cortical hierarchical levels interconnect. This includes:the physical connections,the meaning of the signals being transmitted,and p ...


Constraints on intelligence

Posted by Gideon Kowadlo on

by Gideon Kowadlo and David Rawlinson Introduction This article contains some musings on the factors that limit the increase of intelligence as a species. We speculate that ultimately, our level of intelligence is limited by at least two factors, and possibly a third: our own cultural de ...


TP 1/3: Temporal Pooler background

Posted by David Rawlinson on

by David Rawlinson and Gideon KowadloArticle SeriesThis is the first of 3 articles about temporal pooler design for Numenta's Cortical Learning Algorithm (CLA) and related methods (e.g. HTM/MPF). It has limited relevance to Deep Belief Networks.This first part will describe some of the consideration ...



Posted by ProjectAGI on

by David Rawlinson and Gideon Kowadlo   The Blog This blog will be written by several people. Other contributors are welcome - send us an email to introduce yourself! The content will be a series of short articles about a set of common architectures for artificial general intelligence ( ...