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Experiment/Experimental Framework

AGI Experimental Framework

Posted by Gideon Kowadlo on

We’re very excited to launch AGI Experimental Framework, AGIEF, our open source framework.

We first introduced it a while back, at the end of 2015 here, and it has certainly come a long way.

AGIEF was created to make running rigorous AI experiments convenient, reproducible and scalable. The goals are:

  • Repeatability: ability to save/load, stop/start an experiment from any execution step, and know that it will execute deterministically
  • Visualisation: ability to visualise all the data structures at any step
  • Distributed operation for performance

The Github wiki and Readme describe the project in detail and how to get started.

The framework comprises 3 repositories.

agi – Java project comprising core algorithmic code and framework package to support compute nodes.

run-framework – Python scripts to run and interact with the compute nodes covering aspects such as generating input files, launching cloud infrastructure, running those experiments (locally or remotely), executing parameter sweeps and exporting and uploading the output artefacts.

experiment-definitions – contains the experiment definitions, the files required to run and repeat specific experiments.


Open Sourcing MNIST and NIST Preprocessing Code

Posted by Gideon Kowadlo on

In our most recent post we discussed the current set of experiments that we are conducting, using the MNIST dataset. We’ve also been looking at the NIST dataset which is similar, but extends to handwritten letters (as well as digits).

These are extremely popular datasets and freely available, so make a great choice for testing and comparing an algorithm with the benchmarks.

The MNIST data is not available directly as images though. Even though it’s a standard format, it’s not common. It’s easy to find snippets of code to convert this format into standard images (such as PNG or JPG), but putting it together and getting it working is not where you want to spend your time – instead of designing and running your experiment!

We’ve been through that phase, so very happy to open source our code to make it easier for others to get going faster.

These are simple, small, self contained Java projects with ZERO dependencies. There are two projects, one for preprocessing MNIST files into images, the other is for NIST images, to make them equivalent to the MNIST images to be used in the same experimental setup easily. See the README for more information about the a steps taken.