Meet the team...

Gideon Kowadlo

Founder, Director, CEO

Gideon has spent 20+ years bringing emerging technologies to life in Australia and overseas, in areas from Robotics to Human Motor Control and from Mobile to Bio-inspired AI. He gets directly involved as well as leading and empowering teams to make an impact. He is a co-founder of Outware Mobile, Hoist AI and Project AGI. Outware Mobile began in 2009 and quickly became Australia’s leading app developer before becoming part of Arq Group a few years ago.

David Rawlinson

Founder, CTO

20+ years FT R&D in AI/ML - mostly applied (retail banking, scheduling/timetabling/vehicle routing, numberplate recognition, facial coding, eye tracking, medical imaging, bioinformatics & genomics), some academic (NICTA, Melb University). PhD robotics / vision based navigation @ Monash University. BSc Comp. Sci. & AI (COGS, Sussex University, UK). Certified Chainsaw Operator.

Bar Gal-On

Commercial Director

Globally experienced tech leader with 20 years experience in building, running and scaling digital businesses. Previously General Manager @ Telstra Global Products. BSc, MSc, MBA

Abdelrahman Ahmed

Research Engineer

Software engineering, DevOps, machine learning

Shuai Sun

Intern Research Engineer

PhD candidate @ RMIT, Melbourne

Elkhonon Goldberg

Advisor - Neuroscience

Clinical Prof. of Neurology at NYU School of Medicine, Diplomate of The American Board of Professional Psychology and Director of Luria Neuroscience Institute

Alan Zhang

Advisor - machine learning

PhD (Robotics, computer vision)

Rotem Aharon

Advisor - mathematics

PhD (Mathematics)


We work with researchers around the world who share our interests in artificial general intelligence and machine-learning / neuro-inspired approaches to it

Whole-brain Architecture Initiative, Japan

Project AGI is working with the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (Japan) on joint research and development through activities such as hackathons, research challenges and proposals, and leveraging our common approach to AGI. Check out our Request-for-Research series!

Luria Neuroscience Institute, New York, USA

We are collaborating with Elkhonon Goldberg of the Luria Neuroscience Institute, and he is now an Advisor to Project AGI. Eklhonon provides invaluable neuroscience knowledge, most especially in his ability to immediately say what is known and what isn't.